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Meling M30 – CIC Invisible Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Blue)

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(4 customer reviews)

A virtually invisible design with advanced digital technology, delivering high-quality sound.

You will hear clearly and comfortably in a variety of settings — watching television, at a dinner party, at church — thanks to its advanced digital technology.

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Rechargeable hearing aids to help you hear more clearly for an affordable, budget friendly price, Easy use with a simple click of the on/off button, with no doctors or office visits required. These convenient, M30 rechargeable hearing aids are ?real? quality hearing aids and come with a 45-day Risk Free Trial period along with a 100% money back guarantee.

Technology is progressing quickly & hearing aids are no exception!
Even the most tech savvy consumers are often surprised at some of the features available on modern digital hearing aids. At Meiling Hearing, we will help you find the right combination of features to meet your needs, within your budget. We carry the full line of hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers, this way we don’t have to worry about convincing you to buy features you don’t need. Whether you want all of the latest bells and whistles, have a specific need to be addressed, or are looking for something very basic, we have hearing aids to satisfy you. We even carry the classic and hard to find analog hearing aids.

Here are some of the latest features of hearing aids:

The new M30 model is the result of years of research and improvements. After studying hearing technology for over a decade the brand new Meling M30 CIC (completely-in-canal) Hearing Aid is one of the most powerful, easy to use rechargeable devices on the market at its price for a nearly invisible hearing aid.

  • Rechargeable CIC hearing aid,free you from the burdensome battery issue
  • Micro-USB Charging,just like charging your mobilephone
  • High Quality Sound
  • Affordable Price





Every Meling Hearing M30 Comes With:

1 x Protective Carry Case

1 x Cleaning Brush

3 x Ear Domes (small, medium, large)

1 x User Guide

4 reviews for Meling M30 – CIC Invisible Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Blue)

  1. Nauman

    The order arrived in good condition. First test are OK , of course the person needs to familiarise with the hearing aid. It is really mini. Till now is very good . Thank you!

  2. Abraham

    Excellent in all of it. One of the best options for buying sterilization products as well as my personal choice was right! The originality is unique! My first choice for material and technological product!

  3. Porter

    These Hearing Amplifier hearing aids are very small and fit perfectly in my ears. Sound is very acceptable.

  4. Aaron

    These hearing amplifiers are excellent and worth their price.

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